Sunday, 30th of January 2011.

I'm a women. And I will choose what's the best for my life. even if it's all about you.
thanks GOD for show me the way.
I started so good and I finished with so horrible story. so soft and comfortable you in my life, and I trusted you so bad. I feel not on the mood right now. may I tell you that story?
first of all, I still love you at all Damian. I still in love with you, the way you laugh, the way you be here, beside me, the way you text me than said that you needed me so bad. I missed everything about you in my life at all. but unluckily you made me felt so disappointed at all!
everything, I hold everything I wanna hold. but you just couldn't go with my way. whatsamatter if I left you? just nothing. I want your changing. I really wanted your changing. just please, give your best for me.
there's always be a new life for us. thanks for everything:"> it's just kinda work.
thanks for made me cry.

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