10 things im going to beg for today.

  1. got a nice capture @ barbeque party with my classmates. hope all of my classmate.
  4. spongecake.
  5. meet Damian, at least only for say "happy valentine, I love you."
  6. rum raisin chocolate ice cream yuuuuuum!
  7. finish my read, Emili Strange -- Lost Days. nice book to read. give a try.
  8. more photography project&insipiration
  9. new Nike SB (oh I begged my parents about this for a thousand times. and guess what I got. PUMA!!! I expecting more)
  10. more fun please!
that's all. 10 things I want today. I hope it become real. I wish [even the ninth would be hard to become real. but I hope my parents read my mind and say, "hey, this is for you! hope you like it."] this is end of my story. oh mom&dad pls give me a favor yawn.
last, goodbye reader. and happy valentine day:]

with love,

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