gutten morgan.

i have some plan today and i wanna share it to you. and the great thing is i had not much time for me to sleep last night (haggard) now i feel so sleepy and just wanna stay on bed and SLEEP AS MUCH AS I CAN.
well, this is my schedule, if you want me to share the photos for you, mail me:
  1. wholesale
  2. find a new pretty stuffs
  3. do my photography project
  4. do my homework. last homework.
  5. having fun with my family
and because my boyfriend isn't here, so i start to text him first that i love him so much. and, i wanna share to you about him. just a little bit. he is Damian, with his oval face thin cheek, dark brown skin, rumpled-mess hair, black eyes. i love him too much.
and i've bought a nice magazine. it makes me feel so on fashion, inspire me all about fashion. here i will share the photo for you.

woke up in the morning and felt so mess!
look at that picture, i still wear my pajama&used my webcam just to photo that magazine.
so suck one. but i love my mess hair so much in that picture. so fashionable (n) hahaha

with love,

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