today schedule.

  1. make some cookies&chiffone cakes.
  2. publish new post @ tumblr&blogger (done)
  3. search more UK playlist.
  4. polyvore-ing
  5. heart-ing
  6. tweeting less than 20 post. (failed [x])
  7. open my facebook account&comment something there. (done)
  8. no CELLPHONE posting (totally did it yeay!)
  9. fix my motorcycle machine.
  10. find a new watches @ swatch swiss gallery.
  11. buy school purposes.
  12. finish my art homework (dynamic lines). and guess what, I don't know how to do that. what will I need, how i draw the lines, why does the trackpen are mostly needed to do this job, etc etc and im thinking of 'what the hell' *clapping hands.
  13. meet my auntie Ms. Retno @ Citraland and having some joy activity there.
  14. buy air mata kucing cream. my favorite beverage. taste like chocotaro @ quickly cafe. yummy!
  15. find a quite-beauty-chic picture for me to post.
and now im trying my best to finish this suck-boring-exhauted-horribly-abominations Biology Homeworks.
this is today first post and I wanna jump out to another nasty-grubby-muddy-grimy-filthy-soiled buildings. oh God what happened with this extraordinary vacation ever?! #yawn #sigh

with love,

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