whatthe... now im in the forth day of vacation

I just woke up in the early morning and got nothing to do so I took the laptop and turn it on. I charged my cellphone&hoped Damian will text me through I feel so not-in-the-mood right now.
I opened my mozilla firefox and went out to www.twitter.com | www.blogger.com | www.facebook.com | and got something to comment, tweet and post.
boring live. just like this. not so necessary planing. am on my vacation, am on my day, but i still get lost.
well, am not emily strange at all. or may be am really not an emily strange at all. kinda boring with my life.
i got some nice pict and some stuffs inside my bedroom. gimme a two thumbs up please!! I found something different. i found two japanesse comics, i found a cute photo by christina perri, and i found a clucth bag from gadis (and i don't know why that was inside my bed room)
and now im searching for a new website that inspire me at all. and um, i got a really nice fonts and bokeh texture from www.deviantart.com *clap my hands. if you want me to send that font and texture for you, you can mail me:)
and well, this is the picture of the japanesse comic, do you want it? mail me your address and i will package it just for you. it's not necessary for me because im the person-who-can't-enjoyed-japanesse-story-and-don't-understand-the-language! yeah.
look at that! im just woke up and have a mess day ever!!!

with love,

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