will have a great time on vacation.

just count down the time to monday and WHEEEEEEEEE! I'll have a good time to have vacation.
I have some project for my one week of love vacation. I have some photo project for my document this months. Than I have much time to sell my vintage stuffs here inside my schrank (cupboard). Third day I will finished my read. 2 books for a day ROTFLMAO not sure will be finish only a day. Forth, be at home, enjoying tea time with my family, my pals and Damian. and I have a good time with my school friends too after long time we only listened the teacher talking.

and I've changed my www.twitter.com username from @ejheeeeehh into @ezhyprsclla so just click follow.

and last, I've changed my playlist. that's awfully awesome! thx thx thx a lot for Brenda&Bill sharing their fav. song for me and gave me some feedback then.

with love,

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