am homey!

just gonna say that i hate facebook, twitter and so many sites for about this weeks. not cool. i hate when everyone asks me 'what the problem did you have with me?' thats so annoyin' me at all.
but actually, this morning, i cooked my own meals for breakfast and make a cup of coffee. that was so impressive. this is what i make for breakfast meal. indonesian food and you must try what inside this photos. yummy taste! and when i drank my coffee, guess my problems actually gone. i love coffee but im a teacups addict. im a self-proclaimer teacups addict and i proud of be like that.
this is some photos of my breakfast menu :

everyone told me that the name is 'cah kailan', so Indonesia.
call it 'tempe goreng'
and many more.
and now, i have to go offline. gonna have some activity today (w/o goin' to school).
i've been so excited of not going to school just pretty awesome that i left my mid semester and going to have more mid semester test after this.


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