i just see the story about 8,1 magnitude eartquake came to Japan. then I open my twitter account and started to see the trending topics and i got these #PrayForJapan see? i think we must start to stop the global warming. earth must be so jealous with what did we do and started to kill everyone who make it become so unfit. let us start our life and save our world.
save the world, save the culture, save the inspiration, save the people, save our brother&sister, save our brotherhood, save our earth, save our Japan.

i prefer to start pray when i heard the story. misery came to Japan and it made me felt so down. I'm in love with Japan since I know what it Japan? how did Japan looks like? how about people in Japan? i just don't know what i should do. i just can pray to God and try to call my brother there (mh actually, not my brother, most of my friends are there. less of them are my family.) and well I just didn't get any news from them.
after this information, come on, let us start to help Japan. start to pray for our Japan.

you can call this number if your families are there and you want to know about your brotherhood there. here's the number you can call :
Hotline KBRI Tokyo: +819031324994
Hotline KJRI Osaka: +81662529827
if you care with your brother&sister there. you could click this link and start to see what's going on.


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