today @ my room.

hm I just don't know how to start to write today because I lost half of my memories. pretty odd things that happened on me. and uhm this is weekend and am start to starving!!! there are no food inside the refrigerator. and i lost my money when i packed my back for tomorrow (be going to school).
there are something happened on me and I don't know why it does goes on me. im going to love 'emily the strange' or what ever you call it&i was starting to search black tuxedo and patterned tie. i kept my room dark but you must know something that at first i hate to saw my room was dark. it just freaking me out. and just a minutes ago, i started to figure out that my room is the coolest when it was dark!!! pretty odd, right?
and what else? just, argggg!! i don't know. i thought that i've been so odd, extremely, oh well epically, and i've been so messy&not in the mood. i felt like i had no brain inside my head, the zombies ate my brain without permission and i became so strange.
this afternoon i was starting to cut my black&white newspaper and tried to paste it on my wall. and well, my mom started to getting mad with me and she just don't know how i felt that time. so I closed my window&door, started to turn on my netbook (oh well im going to tell you that i have a new netbook) and i start to write this post (with a awful grammar). my english is not as good as yours maybe. and mm i just tried to have a conversation with another people in different country.

with love,

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