First day of August.

Hi blog! It's been almost a month and I'm deniably miss you a lot!

Hi watcher, or maybe reader. How's life?

I have no idea what I'm gonna post (again) on my blog. Kinda flat life, but actually I'm gonna tell you something. Why can't I get everyone I love close enough to me? Hurts. By the way, fasting day has come and I'm gonna tell the Indonesians "congratulation&happy fasting" but I haven't some pulse inside those BlackBerry. Ugh.

I haven't do my plans of making some giveaway program. I still don't really know yet what I need to give and to whom?!! *Clapping hands*. And I know I have to post something on my blog more fast than tweet something. Just really don't know what I need to do on this blog.

And, this is the second week of school day and don't really know yet why can't I did the physics task yet. Why does the physics didn't go on it ways and I'll go mine? Hubbub. Hope I could get my best score at physics at last first semester report.

By the way, I need to tell you this. I LOVE MY NEW HAIRCUT!!! And I'm gonna post some photos of my new haircut for ya all! I really have my own style and I'm proud. My pride! This is my new haircut photos and hope you'll be so glad to know it.

What a nice haircut, right?
By the way I need to go now. I'm glad you still be my readers, people.
Aioaie!! Au revoir!

Ms. E

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