luwak coffee. The nicest taste Indonesia ever have.
"It is not about how you turn your life to be good. It's about how you enjoy your life more significant"

I'm almost done doing some part of my forth project during I write this post.
I was so surprised when people getting mad with themselves. They just don't know how to defend their own life with what they have. So, I'm just thinking how I could possibly enjoy my life with what I've gotten.
By the way, I took those photo while I'm having my coffee time alone.
I step back to the memories some couple months ago when I'm still spending my lifetime with the one I really care so much. Those feelings, those memories, those exceptions, those kisses, those everything inside the memories just cut me to a pieces.
..And I just found myself crying inside my bedroom alone,

There's something inside me (and you) that'll never be apart. Love.
When people are saying that they're happy to be alone, they're lying. They're not..
Those one I really know..

People get hurts because of loving someone, either people get hurts because not loving anyone beside them.
Just choose, who will you be?
A lover, or a hater?

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