what's left of us

..take your time longer enough, the feelings that remains will guide you through the line, if the feelings we felt was love, there is no need to be worry, it will stay much longer than what it took. take your time longer enough, make sure what's left of us is all we will ever need to make everything works out. take your time, just take it and make it be the last time you take it.

cause you know, I'm trying too hard just to protect this feelings for you. and I hope you don't mind if now I ask you too to make it all clear, as clear as the blue sky above us. it's not always about what we will going through, it's about the feelings, the persons we sacrificed for, the things we've both know we will never left.

yes, I miss those feelings when all we need to do is just sit and enjoy everything that might be happen sooner or later, when all we going to do is just have that small talk that change everything we had, when all we going to do is just smile in a perfect day that we've been through, forever and always..

and yes, I miss you..

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