a cold twilight

in last several hours, I found myself drown into those memories;
that warm breeze which was letting my hair flew with no particular direction while I saw those sweetest eyes I've ever seen for ever. I felt that trembling through my skin. The eyes, those brown eyes that made me believe there is someone to hold on to. The hands that never let me go. I was strong enough to run. I was.

in last several hours, those memories torn me up;
I saw his tears stream down his cheeks. The eyes that put me into the emptiness, destroying every part of the happiness, a joy that conquer my fear are suddenly disappear. No more lovers, we were torn apart. Feelings just dead, they were gone, leaving pain; a whole hole that will never be full-filled.

in last several hours, I sat behind a man;
a cold twilight with that warm breeze, we were riding that black motorcycle through the afternoon, waiting for the sunset. Those smile blew my mind, the eyes that calm me down, yes, I saw the real him, I saw him through his eyes. yes, I literally found myself again this afternoon; a cold yet warm twilight that opened my eyes into a new world.

thanks for making me stop pretending I'm okay and hug you, thanks for completely found every piece of me, thanks for write me down again...

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