a perfect fresh start

still, the best part of my life lately is my guitar
my first project is clearly done; taking some clear spot inside my bedroom to be posted at blog.

super comfy

that blank canvas

the tools
purse, snacks and the accessories box

heaven on earth
I'm such a book worm and I love it.
what to read: the adventure of Huckleberry Finn; some kool stuff: zines, notebook, binder.
the novel I just borrowed and zines
idk I love this shot
the tools I've made for almost 2 years
finally I got my room back, my sister moved out and live with my grandparents next to my city.
it's almost 4 days we haven't meet even I know we're never close, but I miss her already.

I'm about to start the college and I just can't wait.
dear past, I'll leave you as far as I could,
and dear future, I'm ready.


Oline Linda said...

ini brapa taon mebersihinnya XD

pizi said...

kalo boleh jujur, agak lama sih mbak kwkwkwkw sekitar 2 bulanan :p