The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

another day
today is about coffee. this week, I spent a lot of time with coffee and some stuff like books and music. and today, idk why, I prefer to had a "me time". I spent today with coffee, and movie, and another exciting journey through Surabaya. less or more, everything turned out exciting.

bittersweet brownies and a tall-zise cup of coffee
what to wear
what to watch
and by the way, this film was just so massively awesome. this film, is just undescribe-able, really worth to watch. and I just don't mind, if I spent another day just to watch this film.

a quote

by the way, sorry if today post is full of spoiler, but this film is just really amazing. life isn't just about wondering, it's about wandering and seeking for a great perhaps, a meaning of it, and to realise what you really capable of.

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