Bali, 9th February 2014
Been a while since the last time I blogged about my journey. So, how's your life doing there people?

For about two weeks I spent my whole time wandering, and get lost in Bali. I've never felt that excitement before. I guess it was because I was doing it all alone, I did the itinerary and budgeting, calculating how could I get there without spending like millions. And yes, I started the trip with no one accompanying me.

There, I was in a total excitement by mostly taking picture, and yes, watching the waves like hours, and doing such things like exploring and expanding thoughts, made friends with total strangers, wrote some story and it helped me a lot. Even when I was all alone walking along the shoreline.

I was walking there, leaving footsteps, seeking for something I can barely remember. It took so long to realize that I've lost something in a past few years and yet, by this journey I kind of watching it suddenly disappear. A better atmosphere, a better place to start fresh.

And the greatest part of this journey is, I found someone.

Yes, now I'm completely reborn, in a really different circumstances. And yes, I planned to get there again next month. I can't even wait for that and gain something new.

Here is some picture I've taken there.

New Pal; Anang and Restu
what to bring
Cliffs before the shore
Pandawa Beach
Another footstep
Shoreline Sign
k don't judge me it's officially a selfie
I met them; a twin.
a highway

Nice shoot. Credit: Bhakti Endratama Rahadin
Big Boss. Credit: Bhakti Endratama Rahadin
Meet my lovely Casper. Credit: Bhakti Endratama Rahadin
Credit: Bhakti Endratama Rahadin
It's me and Casper. Credit: Bhakti Endratama Rahadin
Nice shoot. Credit: Bhakti Endratama Rahadin
San Miguel Light. Credit: Bhakti Endratama Rahadin
The last sunset. B stands for Bhakti (he asked me to made this sign anyway).
Some of those photos are published, and some of them are meant to be kept. So, I guess we will meet again soon. Tot Ziens.


bhakti said...

my shot looks way better than yours

pizi said...

;) biwil bingit