Earth to Ezhy

my very first tea today
I apparently being so addicted to tea, and out of nothing, I didn't really enjoy my coffee like I used to. Yes, it was so weird yet exciting. Maybe because of the long hiatus I've been living for like a month or some.

Just like I said, I didn't really enjoy my life as much as I did when I was about seventeenth. This is way more stressful than I've ever thought. The degree I'm currently learning is just doesn't work out like I planned last semester.

So this morning, I was taking picture, lots and lots, just to made sure that I didn't lose my mind after all these shits happened. I decided to went with friends (Fairuzy and Shobirin),  and everything doing quite well.

Negeri van Oranje
the place of peace
Taking picture is just so breathtaking; it's just, that thing make me sane until now. earth to ezhy, earth to ezhy.

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