Book and Tea
I can tell you that I've been in love with tea for almost a month. Turns out I am the one who have banned the coffee for about a couple of months, and instead of coffee, I drink tea more often every morning I wake up.

This friday, I decided to had a cup of camomile tea (thanks to my library for serving teas), and of course Murakami's Elephant Vanishes sounded so perfect.

Things were just never be the same again. I just broke up, and I started fresh. I started to enjoy traveling surround my city, and do parkour several times a week. I had too much memory with coffee so I decided not to drink coffee no more. More than that, these tea things are just affect me not to stop having them every afternoon with books or movies or musics.

After a month of suffer, I finally recollect myself again, and do things that makes me happy like I used to.

And by the way, I am no longer an undergraduate student of engineering major.

So, it is officially a total re-make. May God bless me in every way.

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