Until later, rainy night.

Sunday, October 2.

It's a good thing, to know, that you're not a part of today's society. They're just too awful, and heartless too. Everyone walks with their own ego and start ignoring their own circle. Actually, I hate to tell you the truth about this mass of emptiness called society. But you see, it's just me trying to help myself with my own writing and hope you guys read my thought.

I was sitting in a (let's just call it) bar-chair alone, mingling with my own demon, expecting things to happen so soon. And then, soon enough after I watched the rain pouring down, I started to think about the life itself; a game of living as a human-being, a person who are about to face a true disaster of their own journey. I was thinking about me, stranded somewhere with no one I didn't even know, and how I could save myself in those kind of circumstances; how to get a life.

The rain stopped pouring when my coffee was finally arrive, and there was me, still sitting next to no one, trying to ignore everything around me completely, and started to think about the future. For me, the afterlife was really not existed. It was just a thought of human who was so desperate of not having a worth-living life. I was drowning too deep with my own thought and I was so in love with it; the idea of a catastrophe that is about to come. So I chose to runaway somewhere I didn't even knew, just to make sure that I was okay.

So yea, let's have a good coffee and a deep talk until the sun rises again, shall we?

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