saat aku benar-benar kehilangan seorang LUTHFI NIKO ABDILLAH :'(

"Ezhy was strong, she would be to forgeting Luthfi quickly. I know too!"

always that which I heard from the mouths of all of you. only that words that still alive in your heart to makes me stronger. but you never saw the crumpled state here. verge of extinction hearts, minds on the verge of destruction, on the verge of constancy of life.
You might think I'm weak because I choose first mistake. yes, I'm stupid chose another man who is not necessarily supposed to love me like Luthfi loves me for a half of his life.

as when I know he already has another woman, I was only able to shed tears of this melancholy. as if my world had no meaning, as if I was in town of die. I just can stop&stare in this place, stuck in this way and looking him go away from my life, than cry all night. I hope only temporarily.

If I can replay it all, I will choose you first. now I'm very very know how much the love that you invest in my heart, so when you left, my soul really shaken and fragile. I want you back, give me your last kiss, give me a chance to love you as before. I promise not to ever miss a second with you.

you me you me, we should being one, one heart one soul one body one mind. your way is my way, your life is my life. we (should) one. we (should) not be separated by anything.

now, I'm learning. learn to see you happy with others, learn to see the smile that does not belong to me anymore, and learn to wait you patiently to come back with me again, with love. i love you. I really love you. thanks for the memories, I'll keep waiting for you.


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