The Damian's.

today is tuesday at 5p.m and I still don't know what I have to write on this post.
I just so excited with today, today, today and today and i just don't know why.
and i feel really excited.
one, no more broke cellphone. two, no more heart broken. three, no more annoying deskmate, four, I've got what I wanted (I got pink soft bokeh for my first project photo shoot.) and last I got my Damian back just like a XOXOXOTHINGS on my head;;)
I thanked GOD for the love He given me. He gave me a nice person I've ever met in this world.
I thanked GOD for the brave He given to me, for the strength he was given to me.
I thanked GOD for the glory.
I thanked GOD for everything He given to me. He sent me Damian<3
I love everything that I've been done and I love the heartbroken I've felt before.
it makes me stronger and stronger.

with love,

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