today. with my greatful family and the lovable person.

this morning I was on my way to edited this blog to be more classy. But I think that was not necessary for myself right now. so I was thinking what I had to do today. than I though I would be with my Damian today because he's in Surabaya.
I started with sent him text than he said there was nobody at home. so I begged him to picked me up at home and had a great day in his home.he said yes than, and he picked me up with his unconditional motorcycle. so funny to be with him today because I was in a SMALL MOTORCYCLE and I am BIG.
today was so fantastic! I was in his hug.
and that was incredible
so incredible
very incredible
xoxoxo incredible
awfully incredible
etc, etc, etc.
and I just got more than that, i got some romantic kisses in my lips.
I felt like i was in a crazy planet with a lovable person.
today, the best Chinese New Years Day I've ever gotten.
and at least, I'm not forgetting to say happy Chinese new years day for everyone who celebrate it.

Today best photo shoot:
don't be so jealous guys, he's mine and love to be hims.
just felt so amazing when I was with you.

with love,

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