first post in April. this is totally sucks.

hi blog, so long i haven't saw you yet. and what else? well, as usual, am gonna posting what project i've gotten last week and i hope you'll be happy to see my project. anyway, 2 weeks later start from now am going to go to Kuala Lumpur and Singapore to have a delegation. hopefully i can enjoy my activity there and i promise you to share my picture there.
and i got a nice price from my mom. a BlackBerry cellphone and am too shock to realize what did happen. ask me a pin? here you are 214**73* (mail me if you want my BlackBerry Messenger Pin)
here is my project.

what else? you may ask me by mail dude.
and the last is, i got a nice pen friend called Sellin and Jesica. thanks anyway for being my friend. :)

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