hi hi hi hi blogger i miss ya so badly how r ya am fine here hope you r alryt then :p
much much much say thanks for this week. so unbelievable weeks i've through, i love to know what i have got through this week. fantastic one, so magic.
1. am gonna say thanks to Maharendrata :) what a perfect boy! i found me losing my emptiness there. thanks so much. am the greatest one to got you all in all of my life.
2. i spent much time with my family and 2 days since 17 April 11' i had spent a lot of my time with my Rendra <33333333333333333333333333 incredibly moment when he kiss my brow. how cuteeee :3
3. am totally addicted to Mathematics subject this week so i study hard and guess what, I CAN MAKE MY OWN FORMULA FOR MATHEMATICS SUBJECT!! WHEEE!!
4. i make new account of twitter called @MindlessRules. you could find your quotes there, just check this account out and don't forget to comment me about this page.
5. i left my broken heart and i start my new life.
6. found my cute dresses and am gonna sell it by online shop.

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