have a lot of work

Such a nice blog now. I've finished editing my blog, complete the "All About Me" tab and editing some post and page. And I got some vacation on the sidelines of my examination!

I'm totally tired this week. A lot of hard work I had been done and such an admirable things to faced now is a last semester examination. Wish me luck on it. And I got some project to do on my next vacation.

Okay, the truth is I still don't know what I'm gonna post in this blog. Totally mindless and got nothing to say this week. Okay maybe this month. Flat life, flat family, flat friends, but I got an amazing boyfriend (don't mean to show off what I got here). And guess what, Everything just become so flat and I hate to face that. I just need to be honest that I'm on a worried day. Such a crazy thing to think is, I entry the science class or social class. 
The last is, I'm in a lost day!!

click this link if you know some book which can help me learning French. Thanks a lot guys 

*nb Image was made and edited by me.

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