Next Project. And finally....

Hi! Now 10th of June and I've got my free times since 2 days ago and I started my free times with starbucks coffee. Espresso, cappuccino and frappuccino was inspiring me of making a coffee time. A lot of something I've planned to do through this vacation. Discussing about what taste of coffee I'm gonna try and which project I have to start?
Since yesterday, I'm thinking about a vintage shop and making my own design for my vintage shop and thinking about what project I have to start? A giveaway project or maybe increase my time of learning french. Lot of time I've wasted. So, I must start to pray if I'm not wasting my times for my project.
Anyway, I've bought some book to increase my mood for this vacation! 2 inspiring books and a novel (and I still don't believe it when I could buy that by my own). Feel so thankful this month for everything I have done and learned everything I have been. Lot of projects, lot of epic moment. Hope I could start my day with big smile on my face and finish it with the biggest smile too.

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