The Reincarnation Of Being Busy In Vacation

Okay. First I'm gonna say thank you for everyone especially my parents. How they was parenting me is so awesome! I still remember how they always remind me about my school. I'm totally proud of everything I got now. I entry the Science Class and be Thankful for God of having 8 score in Chemical and Biology class and 7,8 score in Physics and Mathematics class.
And the second is, I'm gonna tell you that my vintage shop project was already done by my self (only) but I still need to find which banner I need to publish on my blog. So, keep waiting my project guys.
The third is I'm gonna tell you that I have a long day vacation so I start my vacation with studying all about French. The language, the culture, the art, the city and much more. Hope I can finish it only in 2 weeks. And, I'm gonna enter the sewing class this week with my grandma. This is so important thing for me of having the class I need to make my own label and design for my clothing and so, I need to sew it by my self. Hope all done on time so I don't have to waste a lot of time again.
And, the last is... I've done list my tea time and coffee time!! Whee!!

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