The Beauty Asia

Hi! Today will be a best day ever. Hope I could done all of my home work sooner.

Well, I had concept this blog post for almost a years and hope it done as good as I want.
I'm gonna tell you about my country, Indonesia, the richest nature resources country in Asia.

Indonesia, it start to be the Independent Country when it was 1945, 17th of August. Indonesia could be individual and independent country by winning the war between Japan and Holland. Indonesia be so famous when those years because Indonesia is the richest nature resource country especially the species of spices. This country is located between Asia and Australia, and in the middle of equator line. This route has been the popular trading route on the world.

At this far, Indonesia still have the best culture, movement, food and tour object. What I need to straightens is about what Malaysia take away from Indonesia.

Batik are originally from Indonesia. They call it batik because Indonesian make it by using their own hand with the unique structure and form. For example this one :
it called Solo's Batik. Solo are one of many region in Indonesia.

And now songket fabric. THIS IS ORIGINALLY BY INDONESIA TOO! NOT MALAYSIA. This is the example of songket fabric.
This songket come from Minang Kabau, the original region of Indonesia.

And much more. Just like Reog Ponorogo :
Ponorogo is one of many region in Indonesia. But why does malaysia claim it as their culture? such a stupid thing. Insane one.

So, if you want to see the trully asia, just come and see Indonesia :) you'll find many beautiful thing to see, to taste, to enjoy.


*p.p.s if you wanna go to Java, especially Surabaya, you can mail me and I promise you to be your private tour guide for free (:

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