a courtesy to build the joy that really help us to find out our our happiness.

Well, I guess the tittle just to long. I'm about to confused to wrote that.

I've done edit my page as simple as I want. Easy to see, not too much element inside. So I guess, my blog wouldn't make your browser become so slow to load (just opinion). And, I'm done uploading my favicon on blog and edit some script and deleting some 'not-important-to-read' part. Through this year guessing my blog has been updated to be more, I really excited to join Pinterest.com to enjoying my life by pinning something interesting.

By the way, so far this week I'm already thinking something about having dinner with my first class partner to build our care, especially to share the 'takjil' (in moslem, they call it takjil) to the people near us that need those care.

Choosing some post worth reading, this week I found a lot more posting that really interesting especially what Miss Sarah Nurdanita posted 'When Heaven Meets Earth', Susannah Conway with her August break project (click the link and find out more)

I forgot to copy the url to drop it at those photos but I think it used to be Diana who upload it on her weblog. I didn't really know, I'll find out more soon and I'll put the link from where I grab the picture. What I want to share is, those picture are inspire me so much about how lucky I was. So I guess I need to upload those picture and make it appear on my blog.

By the way, so far this week I need an extra time to learn physic.

..And I need to find some half-time job, this fasting day will be ended closer than I think, so I need to find the job as soon as possible.

I think this is what I need to post so far this week and hope you enjoy your read. Thanks.

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