Hi. So, I just think about what I supposed to post today like seriously (?)

And today, what I'm gonna write is, me.

So, let's start..

Hi. I'm Ezhy, 16 years young. Some people said I'm a bad person. Especially my high school teachers, most of them (no offense), a lot of my high school and friends except three people who cares me the most. They call me evil, bad-tempered, arrogant, liar, cunning, hypocrite, etc. Could you imagine how hurt being me? Enjoying something hate me the most is just hurt me so much. Being so nice with another people who being your backstabber is just, ARRRGHHH!! You know how hurt being me. Even when I wrote this post and my tears falling, they'd not know how it tore me so much inside.

My senior is just my backstabber. They talked about me the most, everytime I step around they just saw me cynically.

Many people said, senior high school moment is the best feeling ever. They're wrong! Totally wrong.

And so, I made this epic blog because I want to share the whole thing about me, about my day, about how hurt to be the crap at school, about how can enjoy my day, how can be a better person.

I love photography, traveling, decorating my bed room, drink coffee. And I spend much of my time with books. I love to write something they called "random thoughts". It just through my mind every single time.

And music, one of best thing I've ever known. Being such a music lovers just make me be me. They make me smile and laugh sometimes, wondering if I could have best friends like my music did to me.

And the most inspiring people of my life is, my parent, my sister, and Keo.

For me, there are no best friend. My best friend will be find someday and united by God. Someday..

So, thanks for much people who hate me the most. You just make me feel so lucky having a GREAT FAMILY and EPIC PERSON. I feel so lucky to be me, the one me, who could stand up and awake by myself.


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