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So, I start my blue week with coffee and some vegetable cracker. Then I saw my half-broken room, kinda mess and not cool when I saw it. So I start to clean it up, and I found some pieces of memorable story inside my diary. A piece of paper that I really want to read every single day.. And it hurts.

By the way, I'm just done buy a new cellphone so I change the barcode sooner.

And I was thinking to join bookjetty.com cause I love to read something to fill my spare time by reading books.

If you love book too, you can get me there.

And you find me next to you. Almost done here, I'm now trying to recycle some used-ugly-papers to be a beautiful-unique-recycled-paper. Hope it done on time.

And guess what, I found some old book with a good deal price. And I'll go buy them soon!!!
Mucho thanks

Ms. Z

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