way too busy; 2 weeks vacation

I've just found something unique to do when I'm in the middle of vacation and a tons of assignments are waiting for me. It's such a full day on a long, long vacation. And I just got home yesterday from Malang with my classmate. Wait, just half of them & I don't took any picture from there but my friends, Agrey Tirtanagara did. So, later the photos.

Next, I spent my holy-bitchy vacation by doing tons of assignments. Oh, you can even imagine how I'm in love with my super high school life like this. super busy, super tiring, super catchy and super unique. And I hope days don't go by when I don't realize how it means to me like absolutely.

As what I said before, I have no picture I'd share. But I found this super picture that I took before I was doing my engineering drawing assignments and Dutch lesson (by the way, I've learned Nederland for about 2 weeks & I got the module. I hope it's worth it)

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