Leo's Orchid

"kamu itu seperti anggrek, cantik, tapi gak sombong."
An orchid..
He told me that I was beautiful whether when I'm not
He told me I'm currently listening his problem when I'm easily get mad
He told me I'm special even when I do worst
He said I'm truly madly makes him fall in love so deep

A little surprise for valentine,
a beautiful orchid...
He gave it to me, made me cry for some minutes..
Make me believe that I'm special in everyway I've been..
Make me understood how strong he was..
It's wonderful when I'm already know,
that I have someone who keep me as beautiful as someone keeping this orchid,
someone that spent the whole of his living world completing part that lost,
someone that truly care..

I'm lucky, I have you :']

so, happy valentine's day!

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