Earth to go

oh! so, June is come more fast than I've ever think. some of my project are delayed cause this whole months I will face the final examination. so remarkable! but actually, I would love to said thanks to you all for keep reading this such-a-mess blog. a bunch of thanks. a lot more, actually.

yesterday, me & my family were going to Taman Safari II that located in Prigen, Pasuruan. I took some great photo there, so now I'm going to share all of those cool stuffs I found there. not all, actually. some of them. I took some amazing photo & after all my hard worked, I just got the paid.

being an animal, plants and nature picture taker isn't an easy thing to do. there is so much I have to paid off at first and so much thing about animal and nature I need to learn. why i decided to take this strangest hobby ever? well, nature doesn't lie, yes? they just run into my eyes and makes me fall in love. just after these all project, I learn how to appreciate what God has given to me. and we actually needs to take care of them all.

so, take a look and have a great day

my green way to heaven
the true beauty of wild life
deer (?)
my sister gave the Llama some carrot.
young cute deer
santa claus' deers
The Zebra are beside my car
cute pattern of Zebra. I'm in love
cute horn & skin color
true beauty of animal.
a whole family package.

well, picture will be updated soon next to my facebook page. and I need to go now btw.

tot ziens

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