a total vacation

please lemme say i'm very sorry for not even take a look for a while to my own personal blog almost for a month, actually this month is the biggest busiest ever.

first of all, man I miss this blog, huge missing! after this long, long journey (a year journey, actually) i'm kinda exciting with this vacation. i have a lot story which i still wanna tell you all but you know, the limited capacity is still exist so basically, i'm now trying to shoot right on to the point. didn't use blog for a bunch of week is such a tiring day. i have no one to tell about how great my adventure was.

literally, i'm on my way to the finish line at high school moment. what a day. it's quiet complicated cause i've got nothing on my mind, especially what courses i need to take, what kinda books i need to buy, how many time will i need while managing my time. it's just too huge to handle. so i do need to transform to 'another me' who will be the next generation of geek in third grade at high school moment.

so, what i have given at least at my second grade was so big, oh so big and i just receive my report card then i realize what i gave at my second grade was better than the year before and i feel grateful to saw my own report card. i got what i gave and it's worth it, and my next target is graduating with "A" score. and i'm sure i will get it.

next, i wanna show you where i really wanna be right by now. this vacation is such a long-boring stuffs that i can't handle. but out of that one, i've finally can playing guitar even just a bit. i will keep it up and mark is at my long-term plan. and actually i'm now saving my money to buy an acoustic guitar, i hope this hobby could motivate my life cause you know what, i love music so much!

ok, straight to the point. here is the place where i really wanna be right by now,
Salt Lake

Great Salt Lake, America
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Lombok, Indonesia
Danau Kelimutu, Indonesia (3 lakes with different water color in each of the lake)
Karimun Jawa
so, there is a lot more that i wanna share to you. but once again, this limited capacity of time is really, totally narrow me to share anything that i'd love to share to you, guys. perhaps you can talk to me via msn, y!m or even skype.

so, tot sienz :)

err... by the way i just posted my acoustic version of Hear You Me (by Jimmy Eat World) with my cousin Tasha at our youtube account so please give some feedback. here is the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t6GYWv34WOQ. and actually, that was the most stupid video i've ever made =)) but i do hope you like it :p

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