A Perfect Gateway

I no longer 17 years old girl, dreaming a perfect life without any lust and sins.
everyone has their own perfect gateway. so do I.
my long-term plan has been made, and I myself only who can make it happening.
everyone start showing their drama, hurt everyone else while I'm busy making my way to my perfect gateway.
do what you wanna do, hurts me as if i've done it before. but for your own consideration, i don't even care. it doesn't even matter at all

...so, this is how i chase my biggest dream.
a battle has just begun, everything's failing everyone.
just keep hold on tightly,
even if you fail, you've finished a good battle at least for your own self.

...one thing that really matter for me,
my perfect gateway.
and i'll chase till i lose my hope,
hope that will stand forever to eternity

taken by me. wing, fur and wind (c) 2012. Chellocleiico
originally taken by me. warm breeze (c) 2012. Chellocleiico


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