the life I've living at

     it's been a month passed by. or even more.
     i spent a lot of my time doing chemistry assignments and physics homework, solving math problems, doing some biology experiment. my brain is just fully filled.
     i also took some extra class in order to catch up the score i've planned to get. it's awful! i didn't even imagine how life can put me into this huge pressure.
...and that's just the intermezzo.

     There are a lot of things I've been through so far this month. I'm sorry for didn't post anything yet the last month. my head is just too full with assignment and also scheduling assistance at my music class.

     By the way, yesterday was a completely huge day ever. i go out of town for about 6 hours and share my time with my A team. that was so exciting. so much thing we've experienced. we shared a lot more than before, we talked, we laughed, we took photos together. i was so relief to be part of them. i put a high expectation to them and i know they'll never let me down. and that's the matter of friendship.

Kakek bodo's forest
the stone. not the woman.
stone and flows water
small water flows
let it be
le me with Arsenal badge in my chest
it saw me and smile
green and dean
"mum, I'm scared"
saw the light
meet the team. from left we have Willy, me, Mr. Yoel, Edo and David.
we're the "man"
the waterfall
it's a waterfall
the canyon

on the way Surabaya
     no one can make your life worth enough to live except you yourself. so, get your heart on and drive your destiny with your dream and accept all the consequences you've gotten. that will makes you worth enough to live and laugh and love everyone around you.


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