Said I would

i've just got home and trying to collect myself again from all the things that happened and broke all of my heart into a pieces. just trying to make everything work out. 

now i'm definitely single. and i miss him. no, not the architect & pharmaceutist. i miss my bassist boy. the one that took all of myself 5 years ago and won't give it back to me.

last night i was watching Jane by Design and suddenly found a song and all of the sudden, I'm falling in love with the song. One Two with Said I Would. i'm speechless, yes I do. i had a lot of story to be told, a lot of thoughts that too deep, but i can't even transform the thought as into the word. and i have never felt like this before. it's just too hard for me. the song, the memories, the man I'm into, all of it ruined me all the time.

i'm now trying to fix everything up.
and i hope everything will be alright...
crossed finger.

"Waiting to fall asleep, nights can be so cruel.
Holding a photograph but that won’t bring me you.
Only wanna give you what I said I would, said I would.
Only wanna give you my heart.
Picking up the pieces like I said I would, said I would.
Let me get a piece of your heart. Your heart."
Said I Would - One Two

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