it's beach and me

this week has been the tough week ever.
yes it is.
I've just done collecting myself again and did some book adventure three days ago,
with my friend, shofi. And by the way, that was kinda fun for both of me and my friend.

well I know that the title of today blog post is kinda out of the post,
i just don't know what to write, yet.
and as soon as possible, I'll figure it out.
writing isn't easy job for a beginner -me- but somehow i enjoy everytime i write something on my blog.
i know my English is kinda bad too, but at least i try to improve my skill.
and of course my English aren't that bad, are they?

i just remember 3 weeks ago when i went to beach at Sempu Island
actually, I planned posting the photo a week ago but i found no time for me to open my blog yet answering email.
by the way here is the picture, enjoy!
foot prints
the stuffs i brought
the little girl
let's play, people
that's my sister, and my dad of course
summer paradise
me and my sister
me/fatty bunny swag
a total paradise
the sea
young, wild, free
waves, i love you
me, anyway
meet the junior team
big team
she will be 12 years old this November, 24th
beach, man
three young ladies
cool, isn't it?
i love, love this picture
got the feel
i just can't hate this beach
she miss him
everything's matter
the boy

my super daddy
meet the cute jellyfish

beach will always be a beach
the beach and the blue water & sky

me sleeping on water
le uncle

this could be para-para-paradise

le me


red and white

the wave

heavenly beach

looking forward for the next trip to post more picture. I'd love to proclaim myself as a nature&landscape picture taker. that'll be all.

by the way, I'd love to go travel and find new people with new adventure with them. so, I'll see you guys, no?



Mahardini Nastiti said...

seems like you have fun with your family^^
I like these photos! =D

pizi said...

i think i did. that was the most perfect time ever in my life. thank you :)