It's December; I'm moving on

This year was though and rough,
tears, happiness, lost, pain, scars, disappointment.
fake friends, true pals, emptyness, broken heart.
love, lies, laugh and rain.
I've felt all of them, and time didn't heal anything.
these all just makes me stronger and stronger.

Being strong, unbreakable,
being hard to be fallen.
these were the things I've already done in my life,
as a fake one.

And now I think I'm done with all of these craps,
I'm done of being someone I don't have to be,
I'm going to be me, no matter what, no matter who.
I'm done with that stupid small talks.

...and after all the years that made me stronger,
I'm moving forward and will never look back,
it's just a matter of time, and I can't wait to feel the new January...

I'm moving on...

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