Polyester Embassy

hi, it's been so long after the last time I've checked my blog. And I owe you apology for not being responsible with my own blog. So now I'm going to share about music.

I'm currently in love with Polyester Embassy. basically they're (maybe) an Experimental band from Bandung, Indonesia. But after I've heard their song, sounds like they're extend their music genre to Post Rock or more like Shoegaze -a subgenre of Alternative Rock-. Their music contains such beautiful notes and literally they're using Alternative chords too which is mean that they're not simply basically using 'A' but they increase the note or even make it more simple and they changed the note to 'A5' or 'A major 7'. This band rarely combine a soulful and light music with distortion and gradation it to the next level of Shoegaze. Their music is completely brilliant, soulful and independent. I love the fact that their appreciate their own music taste and gradation it with the right way. How they combine a light distortion and soulful alternative chords is just absolutely amazing.

their album, Fake / Faker and Tragicomedy
here it is, Tragicomedy by Polyester Embassy
their song list; Tragicomedy
Fake / Faker album
Polyester Embassy; Fake / Faker
simple yet magnificent
Polyester Embassy
Small Introduction
Polyester Embassy is such a music genre I'd loved to hear everytime, a light shoegaze music that's going to lift you up to the air, give you inspiration as much as you've ever think.

To be in love with music and following its evolution is such a precious things I've done so far in my life. I never regret how music transformed me, changed me and completed me. I've found what kind of genre I love; Alternative Rock, Shoegaze, Post Rock, Punk, a light music with distortion.

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