happy birthday

"happy birthday", I somehow remember your birth date even we've separated for almost 5years.
"who's this?", I could barely breathing.
then I called you, I had no idea why I could be that stupid fat ass. I just missed you.
an hour later, you stood in front of my home, I just couldn't believe it you was there. I started to laugh, I was happy.
an hour later you tickled me.
an hour later you hugged me.
an hour later I begun to cry.
an hour later we cuddled.
an hour later you started to telling me what you've been through.
an hour later you slept next to me. we were that close, I could feel your warm breath.
I said it once again, "happy birthday, I love you."
then you kissed my forehead

..and I started to realize that I just couldn't let you go

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