re-write and re-use; Wonderwall

every pretty story has an ending, so do mine.
it was 5 years ago, and i know there is something inside that still burning.
a bit surprised when I realize that I start moving on.

yesterday, 31th May, I start re-write my story with someone I know I deserve.
I'm not hoping that we will be that last, or even that serious.
every great thing takes time.
but at least, I start moving forward, and this man is absolutely mine.

after the "5-years-suffered" things happen in me, I start re-use my feelings again; I start being happy, sad, or even emotionless.
it's not as simple as what you really think, it takes a quiet long time after the heartbroken.
years passed by and well, I just don't know how to re-use "this" again but yes, I'm finally could.

so I guess it's a new beginning of us.
hello, wonderwall ;-)

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