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it's been 5 years I've blogged and shared my thoughts here. starts when I was in a junior high school, I decided to completely lost in words and musics. such a big decision I've made in my life because after that, I spent a lot of my time write stories and listen musics. besides, this blog is completely made my life complete.

2013 has passed and all of sudden, I'm heading a throw back just a moment after I close my eyes. I'm dwelling inside those memories, watching it completely control my mind. Over a year ago, I still remember how fragile I really was. To held on something I didn't even know, was such a real big deal to be taken. I started rebalancing my life when the time wasn't even got me right. I'm the breakable one, who took a new step to survive.

2013 was the hardest, the most tough year I've been dealing. I started to go to college that completely different with my expectation. No, don't get me wrong. Out of all shits that really happened on my campus lately, I'd gladly tell you that I'm in love with my campus, with the people I'm currently dealing with. The real problem is, I just can't afford myself to change and being the person they really want me to be. It doesn't make any sense at all.

2013, I'm in love with someone I could barely touch; the person I couldn't even hold. And it hurts so badly.

2013 was about collecting myself again and start all over again. The palettes of memories still remain the same but the colours, they burst away and recovering the surface which is lack of its colours⎼memories that has been made.

and now, I'm in the end of this 2013. Who knows what I'm going to deal the next hour after I step forward the 2013? I just can't wait to celebrate it with myself; to figure everything out is something I can't even wait for a minute.

2014, well, another time, another life, but still the same person⎼me. I'm not gonna wait any longer.

Here is the playlist I've made, hope you love it.

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