Surabaya These Days

I secretly fall in love with Surabaya's weather lately. I wonder what would really happen if I wasn't even live here, how was life going to burst my excitement of rain and dawn, or maybe, how I even woke up without knowing I am the luckiest Surabayans who walks briskly along the street.

This afternoon, I sat, with a cup of tea while watching the raindrops cascading the windows. I pictured myself walking through the rain, and mostly, I pictured you watching over me and just fixed me like you've done for these two months passed by. I guess I'm the lucky one.

This afternoon, I let myself drown by watching the rain pouring and slowly seduced me to stopped by and stared along the road. Everything seemed so right, and I didn't even realize that I was there, watching every drops of rain literally healed me.

and I realized,
I was in a playback of memories.

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