Another Perspective of Surabaya: Pak Sirad and Jalan Gula

Pak Sirad
Please meet the humble person in the world, Pak Sirad, the one who is taking care of Jalan Gula; a place where you can find a lot of unused old warehouse. He has been there since 1963.

So, 24th of March 2014 my sister asked me to took her to another places she has never been before, so I decided to get her to another side of Surabaya which took almost an hour from our house. It was beautiful day, the sky was so blue and bright, and the traffic was so good to me.

When I got there, all of the atmosphere changed. Everyone seemed so nice there, just like the first time I've gotten there. And yes, my sister took a lot of photos of Jalan Gula. Here is the sneak peak:

She loved the fact that everyone here was nice and loveable person she had ever known in her life-time. Not only that, she was so in love every step she took and yes, she admired the diversity there.

it's me and my sister
Me and Mr. Sirad
My sister and Mr. Sirad
so, have a blessed day, people.

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