It's Been Almost 15 Years

Please meet my super best-friends for almost 15 years, Dita Dewi Palupi and Cita Sharfina Sari. It's been 14 years we spent our time in this neighbourhood, 14 years of happiness and friendship that might never be ended. It's amazing to let myself knew that I have had a really good friend within the journey I've been through since I was 6 years old.

Thanks for the journey. Thanks for being my person. Thanks for being there when no one could even understood. Thanks, for being my best partner. Thanks, for being the best friends ever. Thanks for making all the things worked out even when I failed you both. Thanks.

left: Mbak Opi | right : Pina
It's me and Mbak Opi
it's me and Pina
best friend
me and Pina
Me and Mbak Opi
super cute
three of us
these photos (all above) are taken when I was about 16 years old. The newest photos are bellow,

this one is taken on independence day
it's me and Pina

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