"This is the spirit of surfing, it's inside one of everyone of us, all we have to do is wake it up!", Kelly Slater, Pro Surfer.

I do believe that living in a free will is the best part of our lives so far. I do believe that people can just turn around and dream big, hold it tight and make it happen. And I do believe that our lives will be perfect if all we really do is chasing our own mavericks.

I can't stop the idea of surfing. It has been months since the last time I surf and I'm kind of missing those feelings; walk above the waves, get drown into the sea and out of the water, paddle the surfboard, sing until the sun setting. It's just the really time when I can break free.

Human is just a human if they doesn't even have something to hold onto. Some of us just hold our aims back. But life is too beautiful to be just fine.

So I guess it is the perfect time for me to chase my maverick again. It's time for me to get back to the sea and ride my waves again. It's the really perfect time for me to burn and lock my memories of my brain and be the really best part of me again.

Because all I really want to do is surfing, ride my waves and enjoy it till I get waste.

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