Clean getaway, fresh start. Bon voyage!

Hi. It's been a half of year and more since the last time I blogged here at http://chellocleiico.blogspot.com and I miss all of my entries here so I guess, it's time to open this blog again. And yes, welcome back!

I haven't tell you that I'm about to re-build my life again. These past few months in 2015 was so glorious indeed. I was signing up some programs, continuing my study about anthropology which is quiet hard because I just realised that anthropology is just so big, but yes, I enjoy it a lot, especially this semester. And I finally moved on after a very good fought with myself for almost a year. Epic, no?

Things are doing so well these days. I finally can gather with people who wants to grow even better, focus with my study, do some project, and (currently) look for part-time job as a content writer. Moreover, I finally can travel a bit further than I was, and I finally can proclaim myself as a solo-backpacker, which is wicked cool.

And the greatest thing that I know is, I am now infinite, and I will grow stronger and stronger, push myself a bit harder, a bit further. I think the credit should goes to you, considering you're the one who broke me into pieces, I am now I really am. Nevertheless, thank you, for stood up for me.

I am no longer Pizi, remember?

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