That Damaging Day

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I simply don't believe that I am now 20 because I know, more or less, I sometime am being so awkwardly uncommon. And I wonder, do I even be considered as a good lover?

Well then, judge me while you can.

This week, I've been tortured by my own feelings. I basically that type of person who is easy to get mad and emotionally screwed up. I can't say that I'm such a weird person, but well you can decide. I mean, I don't even care what people really think about me. I believe that someday, that super-right person will simply loves me the way I am.

I don't even know what I wrote today. But I'm telling you babe, I'm sad. And I want to just disappear until, well, I don't know.

And I'm sorry if you, my reader, find that this post is basically emotionally retarded or somehow bother you a lot.

Does everything make me cynical?

Good night.

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